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Sağlıkla dolu lezzetli yemeklerimizle tanışın. Uzman şeflerimizin taze ve doğal malzemelerle hazırladığı besleyici menülerimiz, sağlıklı yaşamınızı desteklemek için burada

Melis Kargıoğlu


Melis KArgioglu

He was born in Izmir in 1985. He graduated from Beykent University, Department of Cookery. After working as a cook in various hotels and restaurants in Izmir and Istanbul, he decided to pursue pastry and bread making. He started working in the patisserie department in Zuma, Istanbul. After three years, he left Zuma and received an advanced pastry certificate from the Institute Paul Bocuse. While working as a pastry chef in restaurants such as Tom's kitchen, Kilimanjaro and Turk in Istanbul for about ten years, he had the opportunity to work with many local and foreign chefs. He started receiving sports and nutrition consultancy in 2012 due to health problems that started due to intense working hours in the kitchen and harsh physical conditions. Melis, who has been doing functional fitness regularly for three years, created her dream kitchen in Darwin by combining the nutrition and habits she changed in her own life with her experience in the kitchen.

Whatever your goal is, proper nutrition is very important tıwards achieving it. You are surrounded by low-calorie foods that have no nutritional value, or processed snacks that you think are low-calorie but are much more than its innocent packaging. We invite you to Darwin Foods not only for pre and post training but also to take a look at the food and the menus that our expert dietitians, trainers and chefs have created together.


Please keep in mind that all our products are prepared daily, so they may not always be available. To access the most current options, you can browse Yemeksepeti, Getir, or Fuudy, visit Darwin Fitness & Food, or give us a call.

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