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Born in Istanbul in 1989, İrem İrdem graduated from Robert College and chose Boğaziçi Philosophy Department at the university. Irem, who played basketball in the formal club from the small team to the U21 teams, met Pilates with the university. İrem, who completed Balanced Body Pilates trainings such as Mat-1-2, Reformer-1-2-3, Trapeze, Chair and Barrel 1-2-3, Anatomy for Pilates between 2009-2012, started to work as a pilates instructor during this period. In this process, İrem, who also started to do CrossFit, took the first step to take this passion to the next level by attending the CrossFit Level 1 seminar in 2014 in America, where she went to improve her Pilates training. During her CrossFit training, which started in CrossFit Balaban in 2014, she worked as CrossFit Weightlifting in Zurich, CrossFit Level-2 in Paris, CrossFit Mobility in Frankfurt and St. He completed CrossFit Gymnastics training in St. During this period, he gained various degrees by appearing in competitions such as Istanbul Throwdown, Battle of Bosphorus, VCity Fitness Championship, Alsancak Team Series and Battle of Anatolia. He did his master's degree in Exercise Science: Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention Department at the University of California in Pennsylvania in 2015. After continuing his career as an instructor at Balaban Solid Sports until 2019 at Tribe for a while, he decided to establish Darwin, a place he always dreamed of, with the people he dreamed of. He continues his coaching life under the roof of Darwin Fitness and Food.

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