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Our Online Courses

Online Zoom Group Classes

At Darwin Fitness, our Zoom online group classes represent an innovative approach that pushes the boundaries of distance fitness training and delivers high-quality training from the comfort of your home. These classes, held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 13:00, allow you to achieve your fitness goals by adding flexibility and convenience to your daily routine.

The only equipment you need for these classes is two dumbbells of your choice, neither too light nor too heavy, and a mat so you can do the exercises on the floor comfortably. This simple equipment set will support all the movements you will need throughout our classes and allow you to train effectively at home.

Our online group classes are prepared for every fitness level, from beginner to advanced. Whether you're just starting your home fitness journey or want to stay in shape while working from home, our expert instructor personalizes and modifies exercises to meet each participant's individual needs.

During these interactive classes, participants interact with each other and the instructor in real time, which increases your motivation and allows you to enjoy exercising in a social environment. Our instructor gives you one-on-one feedback to help you keep your form correct and perform the exercises safely, so you get the maximum benefit.

After the lesson, the recorded session remains available for 48 hours; This allows you to retake the course at a time that best suits your schedule. Become part of the Darwin Fitness community by joining our online group classes and discover the flexibility and supportive environment you need to stay fit.


Join a community that will accompany, motivate and inspire you on your fitness journey with Darwin Fitness' online group classes. With us, enjoy quality training in the comfort of your home while achieving your fitness goals.

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Online Grup Dersler
Online Özel Dersler

Online Personal Zoom Classes

Our online personal training (PT) classes offered at Darwin Fitness are designed to enable everyone to achieve their fitness goals on their own terms, with or without the use of equipment. These lessons support you on your fitness journey with the personal attention of our trainer and programs completely prepared specifically for you.

While we recognize the value of the unique interaction and feedback opportunities that face-to-face workouts provide, at Darwin Fitness we understand and care about the needs of our clients who choose to work remotely or cannot come to the gym due to spatial restrictions. Online PT classes allow anyone to achieve their fitness goals by adapting to their lifestyle and circumstances.

The use of equipment is completely optional, and our instructor can offer a wide range of alternatives, from body weight exercises that do not require equipment to exercises that can be done with simple equipment that can be found at home. This provides a fully customizable training experience based on the client's current condition, accessibility and goals.

Lessons are delivered via live video conferencing, allowing you to interact face-to-face with your coach and receive instant feedback. This interactive format allows our coach to accurately monitor your form, keep your motivation high and adjust the workouts to suit you best.

Darwin Fitness' online personal training services give you tailored guidance to achieve your fitness goals despite spatial restrictions. Achieve new successes in your healthy life journey by working out with a personal trainer in the comfort of your home. While we agree that face-to-face classes are ideal, we are here for you with our online PT classes, providing the support and flexibility you need to reach your fitness goals.

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